Kai Havertz: £65 Million Star Defended by Football Icons Amidst Criticism

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Former Premier League players and managers have passionately defended Arsenal’s high-profile £65 million signing, Kai Havertz.

Amidst criticism from talkSPORT presenter Andy Goldstein. Darren Bent held a strong stance highlighting the quality Havertz brings to the table and questions the negative assessment of the German midfielder’s abilities.

“I mean, he’s not rubbish. He’s a good footballer. How can you say he’s rubbish? Look at the level he’s playing at.”

A Testament to The Quality of Kai Havertz

Arsenal’s decision to invest £65 million in securing Havertz’s services from Chelsea signifies the Gunners’ belief in his imminent impact. Consequently, this substantial transfer fee serves also a reminder of the high expectations surrounding Havertz’s performance on the pitch.

Despite recent criticism, Arteta staunchly defended Havertz,

“The way he pressed and how intelligent he is to try and understand certain spaces and the timing of it, he was great and got in great positions to score. He was unlucky not to score but he was very physical when he needed to be, so I was very pleased with him.”

Thomas Tuchel, his former manager at Chelsea, lauded Havertz’s effort and extensive pitch coverage. Nevertheless, Tuchel’s praise for Havertz’s work ethic aligns with Mikel Arteta’s emphasis on one of the vital roles he plays within the Arsenal midfield trio.

“The effort is immense… The work rate is immense, the areas of the pitch he covers for us.” – Thomas Tuchel

Arsenal’s midfield trio, comprising of Havertz, Declan Rice, and Martin Ødegaard, is in the process of forging chemistry and synergy. Furthermore, Arteta acknowledges that this combination needs time to gel.

Drawing parallels between Havertz and Cristiano Ronaldo’s transformation during his early Manchester United days, even Gary Neville expresses optimism about Havertz’s potential under Arteta’s guidance. Neville believes that Havertz’s performance will evolve significantly under Arteta.

“I like Havertz a lot, he was under-performing at Chelsea. I think he is a very good player and will be a lot better than at Chelsea.” – Gary Neville

Early Days at Arsenal

It’s crucial to remember that Kai Havertz’s journey at Arsenal is still in its infancy. Having arrived for a significant fee of £65 million from Chelsea, he is under the microscope. While he may need to contribute more in terms of goals, especially if deployed in midfield, it’s unfair to judge him solely on this aspect. With time, Havertz has the potential to become a pivotal player in Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Mikel Arteta emphasized that physicality is not solely about size but also involves attributes like speed, tackling, and stamina. Arsenal, with players like Thomas Partey, Jorginho, and Mohamed Elneny, have the flexibility to adapt to different styles of play, ensuring they can hold their own in physical contests.

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