Kai Havertz shocked Michael Owen by missing an easy goal scoring chance

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Former England striker Michael Owen expressed his ‘astonishment‘ at a rare missed scoring opportunity by Kai Havertz. It was during the match between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium.

This surprising error occurred when Havertz, known for his exceptional skill, failed to make proper contact with the ball despite an exquisite first touch inside the penalty area. Lisandro Martinez, the Manchester United defender, was able to clear the ball, averting a potential goal-scoring opportunity for Arsenal. Havertz had a small lapse in concentration.

Owen, drawing upon his extensive football experience, found Havertz’s blunder particularly astonishing. He emphasized that such mistakes are ‘highly unusual‘ among professional footballers. He couldn’t recall seeing anything quite like it in recent memory. Havertz had already been under scrutiny for his recent performances. Which makes this missed opportunity all the more unfortunate for the young talent. Owens’s reputation as a lethal goal scorer further complicates the situation.

Impact of Havertz’s error

Havertz’s error did not have an immediate impact on Arsenal’s fortunes. Marcus Rashford later scored for Manchester United and the match took a dramatic turn. Arsenal managed to secure a victory, thanks to Declan Rice’s late goal. However, former Arsenal player and football pundit Ian Wright has acknowledged that the victory was not without controversy.

Michael Owen’s comments shed light on the player’s ongoing challenges with confidence and form. Despite Arsenal’s strong start to the season, Havertz continues to face performance issues, which are often a part of a footballer’s career. It is crucial for the team and the fans to provide him with support and encouragement during these trying times. All footballers go through periods of poor form, and Kai Havertz needs to regain his confidence to contribute effectively to the squad’s success.

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