Kai Havertz vs. Granit Xhaka: A Statistical Showdown in 2023/24 Season

In the High Stakes of Football Transfers, Kai Havertz and Granit Xhaka‘s divergent paths have become a topic of discussion. Football transfers ignite great expectations. In the spotlight, Kai Havertz’s move to Arsenal promised much. Yet, as the 2023/24 season rolls on, Havertz’s performance seems underwhelming. In contrast, Granit Xhaka, his predecessor, thrives at Bayern Leverkusen. Here, we delve into their season statistics for a detailed comparison.

Moreover, Arsenal’s ambitious acquisition of Havertz and Xhaka’s leap in form at Bayern Leverkusen has created a problem. Furthermore, Arsenal’s near Premier League victory last season set the stage for strategic reinforcements. Enter Kai Havertz, a £65 million bet by manager Mikel Arteta. Concurrently, Granit Xhaka shifted to Leverkusen. Now, as international football pauses, we assess the midfielders’ statistical impact.

2023/24 Season Stats Comparison

Havertz’s 12 appearances contrast with Xhaka’s 11, yet Xhaka leads in touches (1211 vs. Havertz’s 395). The difference stems from Xhaka’s longer playtime (969 vs. 715 minutes), highlighting his central role.

Moreover, Xhaka excels in defense, outdoing Havertz in ball recoveries (72 vs. 31). Furthermore, Havertz’s aggressive play mirrors Xhaka’s, evident in their similar blocks, interceptions, and Havertz’s four yellow cards.

Xhaka’s dominance in possession and passing is also noteworthy. Moreover, his influence is stark in passing: 1016 completed passes at 92.62% accuracy dwarf Havertz’s 235 at 83.33%. Furthermore, Xhaka’s prowess extends to Europe, leading in successful final third passes (129).

Xhaka’s Edge Over Havertz in 2023/24

Havertz’s modest goal and assist tally overshadows Xhaka’s zero. Yet, Xhaka’s potential for attacking impact looms, with superior stats in through balls, lay-offs, take-ons, and shots on target.

Granit Xhaka’s comprehensive outperformance of Kai Havertz this season is undeniable. Xhaka shines in defense and offense, overshadowing Havertz’s struggles in Arsenal’s attack.

As the season progresses, Havertz seeks to validate his hefty fee, while Xhaka aims to maintain his stellar form at Leverkusen. Moreover, the upcoming international break offers both a chance to regroup and return with renewed vigor.

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