Kalvin Phillips to reject Manchester United interest as loyalty towards Leeds fans

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Manchester United wanted to sign Kalvin Phillips to fulfill their need for a defensive midfielder. However, the problem is that he plays for Leeds United and they have a rich history of rivalry against Manchester United. His move would certainly cause a reaction from the fans which could be over the line. He could be a perfect fit for Manchester United but they may not get what they wanted.

Kalvin Phillips received high praise from all over the world for his performances in Euro 2020. He was a key player for England in reaching the final of Euro 2020 against Italy. He has become a very important player for Leeds United in their journey from Championship to the Premier League. His absence is clearly visible in recent results of the Whites. The 26-year-old midfielder suffered a hamstring injury in December and hasn’t featured since.

Marcelo Bielsa recently parted ways with Leeds United due to a string of poor results. They appointed Jesse Marsch as their head coach following the departure of the Argentine boss. Phillips is now close to a return as he might be the reason for Leeds getting back in form in the future again. However, we are yet to see how he fits into the plans of Jesse Marsch.

Along with Manchester United, many other clubs remain interested in signing the English midfielder. Nevertheless, a move to Manchester United remains off the cards for Phillips because of the great rivalry between the two clubs. Leeds United are also in danger of relegation which might tempt Phillips to make a move away from Leeds United.

How Kalvin Phillips could be an ideal fit for Manchester United?

Kalvin Phillips is great at breaking opposition attacks and starting a counter-attack. His brilliant defensive skills let Leeds manage to defend an attack even when they’re outnumbered. Moreover, he is also very energetic while pressing his opponents. This could perfectly suit Manchester United as they lack that kind of player who presses well and is excellent at breaking attacks and finding spaces.

He is also very good with crisp short passing that helps his teammates to find spaces or get into better positions. He is capable of initiating an attack with his short passing. All of that while also providing defensive cover to his team is something that Manchester United fans desire. Phillips also covers spaces that are left behind even when the full-backs go into attack.

United do have Scot McTominay and Paul Pogba who are similar to that Kalvin Phillips. However, McTominay rarely covers the spaces left by the fullbacks. Whereas, Paul Pogba doesn’t have the intensity to press and also does not provide enough defensive cover. Phillips could have interested more attention from other clubs if only he didn’t get injured this season.

Kalvin Phillips could have been a good signing for Manchester United if it was not for the massive rivalry between the clubs. However, it doesn’t mean that we can rule out the signing as we have witnessed a lot of times that anything is possible in football. Kalvin Phillips has been with Leeds United since the start of Bielsa’s tenure, the fans have taken a great liking towards the player. This special affection from fans towards the player is holding Phillips back from making the big move.

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