Kapil Dev says the duty of every cricketer is to promote other sport

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Kapil Dev: As Indian legend Kapil Dev said, it is the duty of a cricketer to promote other sports.

Kapil Dev Statement

It feels good. In this country, everyone feels that a cricketer gets everything. So, it is the duty of every cricketer like us to promote other sports too. They spend the same amount of time as cricketers do but if you cannot make a living out of golf then it feels disheartening. So, I feel if we can bring in more money into that and, thanks to our sponsors, if such people come to us then we feel the coming generation players can make a name for themselves,”

Kapil Dev told ANI.

“Every player has a passion so I want more and more children to play. There should be an infrastructure for them,”

he added.

Considering the facilities offered for other sports, Mr. Dev said,

“The most important thing is that we should focus on our infrastructure. If a youngster gets a chance then only he can become a player. I don’t want to say that cricket has done the best but they have given a good infrastructure to every player. That is why cricket has excelled. I would like to say that we as PGTI should invest money there to make small driving ranges where kids can showcase their talent because it is not that only elite people can play this sport. Anyone can play and the more middle-class people play it generates a new level of energy.”

Further statement

“My only message to youngsters is that passion should be there to achieve something. One should play but there has to be a goal behind it that I want to achieve something. You have to prove to yourself and the world that you have the talent and they can showcase it. Enjoy yourself and if you can make a career out of it then why not,” 

According to the renowned Indian cricketer, young people must have a passion for their goals and demonstrate their talent to the rest of the world.

A new annual golf tournament has been established by Indian cricketing legend said in collaboration with the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI), the nation’s official governing organization for men’s professional golf.
The Kapil Dev – Grant Thornton Invitational, hosted by DLF, is an event where professionals, amateurs, corporate golfers, and famous golfers all compete.

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