“Keiran Tierney isn’t happy at Arsenal” — David Hiller

Kiren Tierney

Pundit David Hiller believes that Keiran Tierney isn’t happy at Arsenal and the full-back wants to move close to family in the summer.

Speaking on the Highbury Squad YouTube channel, the pundit shared his views on the Scottish left-back. He noted that the defender isn’t happy at the Emirates.

Indeed, Hiller claims that Tierney wants to move close to his family up in Scotland. The 25-year-old loves Arsenal, but he really wants to be closer to home.

Hillary shared his thoughts about Tierney and said:-

“We were talking about disappointments, and I will say there were a couple of players who had the potential to do a lot better this season who didn’t I will say Kieran Tierney, he could’ve worked harder at being happy, he could’ve given a bit more.

“Tierney’s situation is nothing to do with playing a different way or adapting his game. I’m telling you, the boy is not happy, you can tell a mile off. He wants to be with his family. I truly believe I can see it in Tierney’s face, he loves Arsenal, but his heart is somewhere else. There’s a club up there who have just gotten into the Champions League who aren’t far away from where his family is. It’s about happy players.”

Sometimes life’s of professional footballer can get very tough. Staying away from the family can be crucial factor, specially when you give importance to your family ties.

As Hillary states, Tierney might leave Arsenal and move to a club close to his home and Newcastle United seems interested in him.

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