Kevin Pietersen offers great thoughts of wisdom for the IPL


The SA20 league can serve as an inspiration for the IPL as it introduces certain novel rules: Kevin Pietersen also discussed England’s new and aggressive style of play. He urged that India adopt a similar style of play without regard for the consequence.

Kevin Pietersen, a former England cricketer, has proposed that the Indian Premier League (IPL) try to take a page out of SA20’s book in terms of extra points for teams and captains being able to choose the final XI after the toss. The current SA20 league incorporated new and creative regulations in its initial season, and they have shown to be successful since the league has been an instant hit.

Presently in the SA20 league, each captain is free to suggest 13 players at the time of the coin toss and then pick the final XI. Pietersen stated that he is quite impressed with the new adjustments and feels that such innovations would make the game more enjoyable.

Continue to change the game and make it more entertaining: Kevin Pietersen

“I don’t mind the new rules. I think the new rules are very, very good. The toss doesn’t play too much of a role. I like the innovation that SA20 has brought to the game. I think that’s brilliant,”

Pietersen stated during an interview with Sports18 and Jio Cinema.

“Offering bonus points is also a great idea. You can see bonus point has played a role here. I mean, you want to change the rules to make it more entertaining for everybody. Then why not keep progressing? Keep changing the game. Keep making it more entertaining. And also keep the players on their toes. I think the IPL can also implement this,”

he added.

Pietersen also discussed England’s new, aggressive style of play. He urged that India adopt a similar style of play without regard for the consequence.

“It’s the mindset. I think they’ve got a coach that is making sure that they’re not scared of failing. They’re not worried about failure. If you get out there, probably, they don’t care about getting out, they just go out and play without fear of failure.I think India should follow it. I think India bats too slowly, despite have the players. They have the players, but still. They must go out there and emulate what England are doing,”

he said.

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