Kieran Tierney to Manchester City is a real possibility

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Kieran Tierney could end up joining Manchester City in the summer for more playing time. The former Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole thinks that Tierney should move to City so that he will be valued more. Although he has played only 16 matches this season in all competitions, he remains as a quality left-back in the league.

Does Manchester City need Kieran Tierney?

Kieran Tierney is a versatile left-back and has offensive and defensive skills. He is a hardworking and selfless person who never gives up on challenges. This is something that City lacks in defense.

On the attacking side, Tierney likes to step up and bolster the attack by overlapping or stepping in with the winger to create opportunities for his teammates. Confident and precise, with excellent dribbling skills.

On the defensive side, Tierney is solid and reliable. He is a strong fighter who is not afraid to risk his body for important blocks or interceptions. He is also a good game reader, anticipating the opponent’s moves and making it harder for them to pass him.

Overall, Tierney is a complete full-back who combines attacking and defensive qualities to great effect. His energy and work rate make him a valuable asset to any team he plays for. City needs his services to fix its defensive flaws.

Tierney at Arsenal this season

Tierney was a key player in the first few years of Mikel Arteta’s North London dominance, with his defensive performance and desire to progress making him a reliable presence on the left. According to Martin Keown, his leadership style makes him a potential manager after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s dismissal.

But now times have changed and now Arteta prefers Zinchenko over Tierney. He doesn’t play as many games as he used to. It would be best for both parties if Tierney leave.

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