Konate looked completely exhausted against Tottenham – Jamie Redknapp

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Jamie Redknapp has said Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate looked completely exhausted against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Both the teams played an incredible game of football, which saw complete shift of emotions in finals minutes of the match. Liverpool took 3:0 lead in first 15mins of the match but did their best to throw away the advantage away, after allowing Tottanham to score a late equaliser at Anfield. Thankfully, Diego Jota then scored the winner for Reds at injury-time.

Liverpool’s defence looked extremely shambolic in the second half and Jamie Redknapp felt that Konate in particular, looked seriously tired by the end of the match. He said to Sky Sports:-

“Konate had to run into areas all game where he found it really difficult, he looked incredibly tired having to chase Son.”

Redknapp also Liverpool’s tactics, which left them exposed at Anfield. He further added:-

“We’re going to talk about the system with what Trent’s offering. The pros and the cons. But I don’t see it. I think it just leaves Liverpool so exposed.

“I think there will be a few Spurs players and the way that they are right now, will be thinking, ‘we got away with that there a little bit. That could have been a disaster for us.

“I’ll be fascinated to see when we speak to the players what they say because there will be a part of me saying they will be very proud of coming back. But they’ve done that under (Antonio) Conte all season. This has to change. They can’t keep going down 3-0, that’s a mountain to climb.”

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