Kroenke’s relation with Arsenal fans have improved immensely this season

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Arsenal owner Kroenke have come under severe criticisms in the pasts. But now things are looking a bit better for them. Their relation with the fans have improved a lot this season due to the Gunners’ performances. Arsenal are currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table. However the manager’s next target should be focusing on the Europa League. The Gunners have a match coming up against Sporting Lisbon which they need to win to advance in the Europa League. Sporting Lisbon had held Arsenal in a 2-2 draw in the first-leg of the competition. The Gunners would have to do absolutely everything to win the second-leg against Sporting Lisbon. Winning Europa League as well as a domestic league would be a luxury to the Gunners. However they know how difficult it is to juggle between a domestic league and a Europa League.

Stan Kroenke changed his role in the Arsenal boardroom

Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder of the club. And now Stan Kroenke and his son Josh Kroenke have taken up a new title in the boardroom. This is all a part of the reshuffle in the Arsenal boardroom. The duo will now be the co-chairs while existing director Tim Lewis will hold the position of vice-chair. Stan Kroenke commented on the matter, “This is a simple evolution as part of us all driving Arsenal forward and further reaffirms our family’s long-standing commitment to this great club.” He further added, “Stability in football has never been more important as we move past the pandemic, and we believe this is the perfect time to formalise these roles. Our objectives and ambition will never waver – to field teams that compete for trophies at the highest level and lead our club in a way that inspires our passionate supporters around the world.”

With Kroenke taking up a new role in the club, some changes are bound to happen. However it is on the Arsenal fans to decide whether or not those changes are good for the club. As of now the fans are really happy with the club as they they are currently flying at the top of the League.

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