Lampard Sheds Light on De Bruyne’s Departure from Chelsea

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According to Frank Lampard, it was the fierce competition for positions that hindered Kevin De Bruyne from making his mark at Chelsea during Jose Mourinho’s tenure.

Starting his Premier League journey at Stamford Bridge, the Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne faced limited opportunities during a period when Frank Lampard’s own playing career was nearing its end. As a result, De Bruyne embarked on a journey to rebuild his reputation in the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. Eventually, Manchester City invested £50 million in the summer of 2015 to secure his return to English football.

At the age of 31, Kevin De Bruyne has firmly established himself as one of the premier midfielders of his generation. He reaffirmed his exceptional talent with another mesmerizing performance during the recent Champions League semi-final demolition of Real Madrid.

Lampard’s Chelsea side, on the other hand, will aim to disrupt Manchester City’s celebrations at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday. With City just three points away from securing another Premier League title, Lampard acknowledges that stopping Kevin De Bruyne will be crucial to their chances.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference, he expressed his admiration for De Bruyne both during their time as teammates at Chelsea and now as a world-class midfielder. He has always held a high regard for De Bruyne’s abilities on the field.

Reflecting on De Bruyne’s time at Chelsea, Lampard recalled that during that period. The team predominantly operated in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Lampard himself often played in a deeper role as one of the two defensive midfielders. While De Bruyne competed for the No.10 position or one of the wide attacking roles.

Lampard and Debruyne: The story

While Lampard acknowledged that he and De Bruyne were not necessarily in direct competition. For a spot in the team during their time together at Chelsea. He emphasized the Belgian’s exceptional quality. Lampard recognized De Bruyne as a fantastic player who has evolved into one of Manchester City’s standout performers. Lampard further emphasized that De Bruyne’s prowess would be one of several threats they would need to strategize against in their upcoming match.

During De Bruyne’s earlier days at Chelsea, Lampard acknowledged that the club had a strong lineup in the attacking areas with players like Eden Hazard, Andre Schurrle, and Juan Mata. However, Lampard remembers De Bruyne’s notable hunger and eagerness to contribute when given the opportunity. While Lampard wasn’t privy to the specific details of what transpired between De Bruyne, the club, and the manager at the time. He now respects De Bruyne’s decision to seek regular playing time elsewhere. Lampard recognizes the relentless drive in De Bruyne’s game and his persistent desire to showcase his immense talent.

De Bruyne’s progression as a player has been remarkable. Continually improving and impressing Lampard. He admires watching De Bruyne play. Acknowledging his exceptional rise in the football world. Lampard particularly appreciates De Bruyne’s ability to contribute significant numbers in terms of goals and assists from a midfield position. Considering it a fantastic accomplishment. Furthermore, Lampard regards De Bruyne’s passing range as nothing short of incredible. Suggesting that it could be the best in the league or at least among the very best.

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