Legendary footballer Rio Ferdinand chooses between Jeremy Doku and Bukayo Saka

Former Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand shares whom will he pick between Jeremy Doku and Bukayo Saka. Ferdinand is a huge fan of both, Saka and Doku. He even praised the Arsenal man after his performance on Sunday. However, he also told that there no winger in the Premier League he would watch rather than the Belgian kid. Ferdinand was speaking on his YouTube channel, where he was asked about the start of Manchester City man.

Arsenal recently won the game owing to a late-winner from Havertz. It was a beautiful cross from Saka in the box for the assist. The Englishman is having yet another impactful season with Gunners, scoring six goals and eight assists in all competitions. Meanwhile, City have a huge talent in their box as Jeremy Doku. The winger is a revelation at Etihad scoring two goals and ten assists since his move.

Ferdinand now said,

“Form-wise, you have to go with Doku.

He is opening teams up. That’s the quietest I’ve seen Saka this season against Brentford, but the two moments, one was a goal, one was a disallowed goal by VAR, came from Saka. He’s now not having to beat people. Give him a bit too much space, he’s putting the ball on a sixpence for people. Saka’s top level.

But Doku, I’m paying to watch Doku before any winger in the league right now.”

The only advantage Saka has over the City man is his longevity in the league. He is nearing almost 200 games for Arsenal and a century of goal contributions. If Doku wants to be near or better than him, he must sustain his current form for many seasons upcoming. It will surely be fascinating how Doku comes up over a longer period of time.

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