Legends League Cricket: Fans upset with Inclusion of Gibbs

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After the announcement of the Legends League Cricket. The BCCI and president Saurav Ganguly landed in a big controversy. Gibbs is a very common name in the Indian region due to his presence in IPL, and international tours. So why so much criticism on his selection?

Recently, Gibbs made a tweet. He had appeared in the Kashmir Premier League, a T20 tournament in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. This tournament is approved by Pakistani President Imran Khan. However, Gibbs accused the Indian cricket board of pressurizing him for not allowing him to play in the tournament. The tweet by Gibbs read

“It was completely unnecessary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India to bring their political agenda with Pakistan into the equation and try to prevent me from playing in the KPL. Also threatened me saying they won’t allow me entry into India for any cricket-related work. Ludicrous,”

This tweet made a huge controversy during its time and also sparked a rift between a few players. However, to get out of the controversy. The BCCI had released an official statement that any player who participated in this tournament would not play in India after this.

Netizen’s take on Legends League Cricket

Although, The inclusion of Gibbs has been acknowledged by experts. The netizens don’t seem to be cool with this squad. Soon after the squad was released, one of the users said

“BCCI had vowed to ban Herschelle Gibbs from playing any sort of cricket in India because he had participated in Kashmir Premier League 2021 and gave statements against BCCI. How did they include him in ROW now?”

Another replied to this and said

“Wasn’t Herschelle Gibbs the one who wanted to play in the Kashmir league and openly revolted against BCCI?”

While the fans were upset, they also questioned BCCI for accusing players during that time. One user on this matter said

“Why was Herschelle Gibbs included who made so many false allegations to BCCI and joined Kashmir Premier League which was a political conspiracy against India BCCI should immediately remove him from the team we are against as fan”

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