Levi Colwill impressed Alam Shearer with his performance against Fulham

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Alan Shearer, the iconic English footballer, recently hailed the exceptional performance of Chelsea‘s young talent, Levi Colwill. It was in a critical match against Fulham.

In a game that ended 2-0 in Chelsea‘s favor, marking only their second victory this Premier League season, 20-year-old Colwill emerged as a beacon of hope for the future. This win, besides boosting Chelsea‘s morale, also solidified Colwill‘s standing in the squad, especially as they gear up for a crucial fixture against Burnley.

Colwill’s journey from Chelsea‘s youth academy to the first team is nothing short of exemplary. A remarkable feat, considering very few players his age can boast of starting consistently for a top-tier club like Chelsea. He showed his versatility at its best when the team deployed him, a natural center-back, as a left-back against Fulham; he proved his mettle both defensively and offensively.

His exemplary long-ball assist to Mykhailo Mudryk’s goal was a defining moment. People generally attribute such brilliance to seasoned midfielders, which makes this feat even more remarkable for a defender.

Shearer‘s acknowledgment of Colwill in his ‘Premier League Team of the Week’ segment was the icing on the cake. On the official website of the Premier League, Shearer lauded Colwill‘s match-changing assist.

However, Colwill‘s rapid ascent indicates more than just personal growth. He has a pivotal role in Chelsea’s defense. His ability to adapt to various defensive positions couples with this brilliance and brings added dynamism to the team.

Colwill and England Football Team

Speculation is rife about Colwill’s international prospects. Given England manager Gareth Southgate‘s inclination towards budding talents, it’s widely anticipated that Colwill might soon don the England jersey, possibly earning his debut international cap.

Although Chelsea‘s current season has been a rollercoaster, with goal-scoring challenges apparent, their defense remains robust. In this defensive line-up, Colwill shines brightest, underlining his significant role and potential.

To conclude, as Chelsea strategizes to rejuvenate their attacking force, they can rest assured on the defensive front, thanks to Colwill. The young prodigy, with his skill set, seems poised to guard Chelsea‘s fortress for numerous seasons to come.

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