Levy gives his verdict after Premier League points deduction

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy gives his verdict on FFP after Premier League deducted points from Everton due to financial breaches.

The Toffees have been deducted 10 points for breaching the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability rules. Meanwhile, Manchester City have 115 charges against them for financial breaches and Chelsea are also facing serious issues regarding their previous transfers.

Tottenham has been different from the other clubs, as they have spent hardly a single penny in the transfer window. Chairman Daniel Levy also made it clear that it’s not possible for them to spend other clubs in the Premier League currently.

Previously, Levy opened about “overspending” and said :-

“The landscape of the Premier League has changed significantly in the last decade.

“It is understandable that some fans call for more spending, but much of which is unsustainable for many clubs.

“We are competing in a league in which we have seen increased sovereign wealth ownership and consortia finance; and in a league where the spending power is now vested in the hands of a few who dominate and have the ability to distort the market.

“We welcome the changes to the governance of the game which will compel greater financial sustainability and financial fair play (FFP). Major changes have been introduced in Europe around FFP regulations, including the newly-launched UEFA financial sustainability rules, the full impact of which will be felt from season 2025/26.

“They are based on three pillars: solvency, stability and cost control. Clubs will have three seasons to adjust to them. Many expect that these new rules will be a game changer for the sport. Even tighter regulations may follow.”

Levy also stated about bigger sanctions in future for breaching rules

In April, Daniel Levy stated about imposing bigger sanctions in future for breaching financial rules in the Premier League. He said :-

“Well, firstly, there are new UEFA rules coming into effect this season where sustainability is going to become much more paramount in people’s minds.

“You will be limited to the amount you can spend on wages and transfer fees to a percentage of your total turnover.

“It’s starting off at 90% and, over three years, it’s going down to 70%. The impact of that is effectively some form of wage control. Even though clubs have been spending very heavily – if you talk about someone like Chelsea. Now the new rules come into effect this summer, you will find, regardless of who is the owner, it’s going to have quite an impact on the financing of football.”

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