Liam Brady Hails ‘Reliable’ Declan Rice as Arsenal’s New Midfield Maestro


Liam Brady, a legendary figure at Arsenal, recently praised Declan Rice and his potential, comparing him favorably to Granit Xhaka, the player he replaced in midfield.

Declan Rice’s arrival at Arsenal has been nothing short of impressive. The Gunners have secured six points from their first two games, setting a promising tone for the season ahead.

Steady Performance Amidst Liam Brady Acclaim

In his initial outings, Rice’s steadiness on the field has garnered significant praise. Notably, his performance against Crystal Palace caught the attention of football pundits and fans alike. Liam Brady, a respected figure in the football community, commended Rice’s reliability and consistency.

Brady’s words echoed the sentiments of many admirers:

“He cost a lot of money, but he’s a hugely reliable player, he never goes missing… I think he’s only going to get better, he’s only young…he’s hugely reliable and much more so than Xhaka who we had in midfield last year.”

Liam Brady’s perspective on Rice carries weight due to his own storied history with Arsenal. As a former standout player for The Gunners as well as West Ham, Brady’s insights offer a unique viewpoint. His endorsement of Rice’s potential serves as a testament to the midfielder’s growing influence within the team.

Early Success: Adapting to New Demands

However, while Rice’s early performances have been commendable, it’s essential to consider the caliber of opponents faced so far. Matches against Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest provide a positive start. However, the Englishman’s true reliability will only be evident when facing top-tier teams in high-stakes clashes.

The assertion of being an unflappable incredibly reliable midfielder is promising but requires validation through consistent excellence against formidable adversaries.

The £105 million price tag necessitates an evolution in his gameplay, not just as a reliable defensive asset but also as a multifaceted contributor.

The challenge for Rice lies in diversifying his skill set to become a consistent threat in offensive plays, all while maintaining his defensive prowess. Arteta’s tactical demands demand adaptability, and Rice’s ability to fulfill these requirements will be a defining factor in his Arsenal journey.

The coming season will undoubtedly provide a clearer picture of Rice’s transformation and his ability to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

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