Liverpool might face a big factor in their path to Champions League


Liverpool still have many hurdles to cross on their road to Champions League. They faced a serious blow in their match against Chelsea. Furthermore Liverpool were held in a goalless draw in the Premier League match. Football pundits believe that the main problem with the Reds is the lack of identity in the team. This was highlighted in the match against Chelsea. Liverpool failed to make a mark on the pitch in the game. Daniel Sturridge even thinks that the Reds are still having a hangover from last season. Liverpool were beaten in both Premier League and Champions League by both Manchester City and Real Madrid respectively. Klopp made six changes in the squad which played the nightmare of a match against Manchester City. While this was Chelsea’s first since Graham Potter’s sacking. The Reds are currently 7 points adrift of the fourth position.

Liverpool to still go a long way for a spot in the Champions League

Liverpool are at serious to lose out their Champions League spot this season. Sturridge have weighted the hurdles that Liverpool have faced and and are yet to face this season. Sturridge commented, “I think it’s the life of a footballer and of a team who have been pushing themselves to the absolute limit for a very long time. They’ve put a lot of great results together over the past many years and won a lot of trophies but now they’re in a bit of a blip, I would like to say, a little bit in the sense that they’ve lost a lot of confidence, mental fatigue I would say is involved as well.”

He further added, “They’re working with a philosophy that they’ve lost one of their best players in Sadio Mane which was of course at the start of the season. But the team has started to play differently and the identity they had before isn’t necessarily the same now. In that one game when they look amazing it’s the old Liverpool, when they see in games like today when they’re not creating chances, things like that, it doesn’t look to me like a team who have been playing together for a long time. They looked today as if they hadn’t played together for a long time and that’s the first time I’ve watched them and thought ‘they don’t look the same team,’ but that’s not to say they can’t turn it around because I think they can.”

Klopp to still have a long way to go for Champions League

The Reds still have a lot to fight for this season. They could seriously miss out on Champions League after 7 consecutive years of playing there. However they could still attain the 4th spot if they manage to win the rest of the games of the season.

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