‘Lovely Inroduction’, said Dinesh Karthik as Ashwin mentioned DK as the only player from Lara’s playing days

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India started the T-20I series with an easy win against West Indies, thus leading the series by 1-0. Notably, Dinesh Karthik and the veteran spinner Ravichandran Ashwin put a 52-run stand I’ve just 24 balls For the 7th wicket. The partnership played a vital role in putting a huge score of 190 on the board by losing 6 wickets. The school was indeed a huge one for a week line up of West Indies. Add it to that, the spinners to restrict that is from being set, thus gifted India a win on Friday Coincidentally it was a match at the Brian Lara stadium in Trinidad.

Later that day, both the mates met each other for an interview for BCCI TV, which was shared by BCCI on Twitter. There, it was seen Ashwin lauding Karthik for making an impressive come back to the Indian T20 after so many years. Ashwin has always been too good with his words. His youtube videos carry ample proof for that. The post-match show also had Ashwin’s verbal skills. While introducing Karthik, and Ashwin, they mention Brian Lara.

“Brian Lara retired in 2007. There is only one player left when Brian Lara was actually playing cricket and he is here playing at the Brian Lara stadium,”

remembered Ashwin.

However, there’s nothing wrong with that. Karthik made both his Test and ODI debut in 2004. And, the legendary Brian Lara was still playing international cricket. Overwhelmed, Karthik thanked Ashwin,

“Lovely introduction, thank you. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a really good game for us. A lot of things, including the conditions, were alien to us and I thought we adapted really well.’

Working on batting: Ashwin to Dinesh Karthik

Karthik contributed a vital unbeaten knock of 41 off just 19 balls. Ashwin too stayed unbeaten on 13 off 10. When Karthik asked Ashwin about his batting he said,

“I’ve been working on my batting. Even before the game, I had communicated that we will do it if we are batting together. I think the communication part has really helped me. Even when I came in to bat I was asking how you are hitting those back-of-a-length slower deliveries.”

Karthik even praised the West Indian facilities provided to the players. He said,

“Generally, when you come to West Indies, the grounds are not that big but this is a massive ground. The facilities are brilliant and it is very American in nature as everything is big,”

he added.

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