Manager Thomas Frank does not want to sell his player who is a target for many clubs

Ivan toney

Brentford manager Thomas Frank indicates he doesn’t want to sell his striker this season. Thomas believes that striker Ivan Toney is a key figure for the club. However, there are links between Toney and clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea. The Gunners are heavily linked with the transfer of English striker to the Emirates. Though, Frank now highlights the importance of Ivan for the squad. Toney is due to return to action later this month after the end of a ban that has seen him not play at all this season.

Although there were speculations for the fee of around £80m, Frank now syas he is not for sale. He said,

“The very short answer, yes. He is a Brentford player, he is here. Clearly we miss a few offensive players, I can’t see why we would sell him and I would love to have him for a longer time.

If I ever, ever could recommend that, and it’s not for me to say yes or no, that’s Phil (Giles, director of football) or Matthew (Benham, owner), then it needs to be an unbelievable price. So he will stay here.”

However, a potential transfer will depend on the wish of the striker. If he wants a move to Arsenal or any other club, Brentford will be forced to negotiate with clubs. They will also not wish to keep a player against his will. If Toney made it clear to all parties concerned that he wanted to join Arsenal, then it would help the Gunners in negotiations with Brentford. Be sure to keep a check on the developing saga in the next few weeks!

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