Manchester City 0-2 PSG: Post Match Analysis

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Manchester City faced PSG in a thrilling game in the UEFA Champions League in the recent Game Week. The game ended in a 2-0 victory for PSG with Lionel Messi scoring his first goal for the club. There were stories emanating that the Attacking Trio of PSG would not have the best chemistry with each other. Well, this game for sure changed that opinion due to the fluidity between the players. For Manchester City, one thing can be said with certainty that their weakness is right in front of all. Due to them not being able to be clinical with their chances, they are losing games they should win.

During the game, Manchester City had 54% possession to the 46% of PSG in the game. If one saw the match until halftime, they would be under the impression of the team making a comeback and winning. Manchester City was leading in every single team stat ranging from total passes to the under of total tackles.

Manchester City Being Their Own Achilles Heel Against PSG

During the match against PSG, Manchester City has most of the ball during the game. Each time PSG got the ball, they preferred to clear the ball. This could be seen in their 37 clearances during the game to the 3 of City. Manchester City took a total of 18 shots with 7 being on target and two hitting the post. While this shows that they did create a lot of chances to score but by not scoring they lost.

It must be stated that Gianluigi Donnarumma made a total of 7 saves during the game and blocked 3 crosses as well. He was absolutely immense for the team. This shows that while taking 4 shots within the penalty box, the team couldn’t score. While this could be due to the lack of a Striker within their team, it mostly isn’t. While each player got into pockets of space, they weren’t clinical enough against the Euro winning goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Lionel Messi Scores His First Goal For PSG

Lionel Messi scored his first goal for PSG in the Parc Des Princes. The goal came in the 74th minute. Messi dribbled with the ball from nearly the half-line passing it to Kylian Mbappe. He then flicked it back to Lionel Messi who took a first time shot from his left foot. The ball went past Ederson who could just see the ball glide its way to the top right corner. It was a beautiful first goal as it came in a game that needed the team to score to secure the victory.

While at the same time he scored the goal from outside the box the first time. Hopefully, this would be the start of the Lionel Messi scoring tally while at PSG. PSG quite truly are the Favourites to win the UEFA Champions League this season. With this win, they go on top of their group’s table.

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