Manchester United are ‘not at the level’ of Arsenal claims Gary Neville


Gary Neville believes that Manchester United are not there yet as Arsenal. Manchester United won the Carabao Cup against Newcastle United on Sunday. The former United player named Manchester City and Arsenal are in the race to win the Premier League title this season. However, Erik ten Hag and his team would feel that they are in the race as well. Furthermore Manchester United won their first trophy of the season under Erik ten Hag. And they did it in a pretty efficient and smooth manner. In the end, they won comfortably against Newcastle United. And on paper United can win every other possible trophy this season. With the League Cup in the back, they are still in the race for FA Cup. Furthermore, they recently knocked Barcelona out of the Europa League. And they are currently sitting 3rd in the Premier League table.

Manchester United is not at the same level as Arsenal

Just like Mikel Arteta, Erik ten Hag also won a trophy with the club in his first season. However, the Gunners went on to have a rocky and hard season following the trophy. But their kept faith and belief in Arteta has got them in their current position. And Manchester United fans could feel that they are heading down the same road as well. Gary Neville shared his opinions on this matter after Manchester United lifted the trophy. He said,

“That squad will be dangerous with a medal around their neck, they will. You would like to think that Erik ten Hag is going to improve them again in the next 12-18 months.”

He further added,

“There is still a lot to play for this season. They are still not at the level of Arsenal and Manchester City.

“That’s clear. But where they are, what they are doing, is something I never would have imagined six months ago.”

If the crunch is put right for the rest of the season, it could be a happy ending for both teams. If Manchester United could add Europa League along with the League Cup and Arsenal could win the Premier League title, both fans would be happy. However, it could also be like old times when Arsenal and United used to fight for the title race, with both Arteta and Erik ten Hag locking horns.

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