Manchester United fans mock Spurs Cristian Romero after his World Cup match

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Cristian Romero have garnered a lot of mocking from Manchester United fans after his World Cup performance. It came as a surprise to a lot of fans after Argentina faced a loss of 1-2 loss against Saudi Arabia. The penalty by Lionel Messi put Argentina forward before the break but Saudi Arabia surprised everyone. The Saudis surprised Messi and the world when they scored 2 goals in the span of 10 minutes. The first goal was scored after Saleh Alshehri got the better of Romero and shot passed Emi Martínez. The second goal also could have been avoided had Romero been a tad bit better. This has made fans question Lionel Scaloni’s decision to start Romero despite his injury problems this season.

Manchester United fans mock Spurs player for his performance at the World Cup

Romero have not played the last 4 games for Tottenham before the break but did play some matches through his injury in the Champions League. While Romero started, Manchester United’s Lisandro Martinez was named on the bench. This has made Manchester United fans mock Romero and question the Argentina coach’s decision. One Manchester United fan posted on Twitter:

“How do you have Lisandro Martinez but play Christian Romero and Otamendi? I never do understand some coaching decisions.”

Another fan tweeted,

“Lisandro Martinez should have started this game right from the start, he’s better than Otamendi and Romero if we are being honest.” It was a popular opinion, with another user agreeing, “Martinez is the best passer of the ball after Messi and the better defender than Otamendi and Romero.”

Saudi Arabia have sealed one of the most upsetting World Cup match by winning against Lionel Messi’s team. Argentina are one of the favorites to win the World Cup as it could be Messi’s last World Cup. This match might have dampened the mood of the fans a bit but it is still very early in the campaign and fans believe in the team to bounce back.

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