Marc Cucurella delighted by Spanish connection at Chelsea

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Chelsea defender Marc Cucurella recently talked about his friends joining the club. His friends, Robert Sanchez and Moises Caicedo, used to play together with Marc Cucurella at Brighton. Now, they’re all together at Stamford Bridge.

The three friends—Cucurella, Sanchez, and Caicedo— speak Spanish. Marc Cucurella jokes that they’re like a ‘Spanish mafia‘ because they can easily understand each other. Marc Cucurella is very excited that his friends are now part of Chelsea. The trio’s shared time at Brighton created a strong bond among them. He told them how great the club is and how well they’ll fit in. He’s genuinely glad at Chelsea and super excited to have his friends there too.

Building strong bonds on and off the field

What’s even better is that the coaches are fluent in Spanish too. This is very helpful during games because they can communicate easily in their language. Marc Cucurella thinks it’s amazing because they can discuss things with the manager, like mistakes or what they need to do on the field, and things go smoother.

He also said their team feels like a big family. They’re really close on and off the field. When players get along well, it helps them play better during matches.

For Marc Cucurella, having friends who speak the same language and understand each other so well is a source of great excitement. It’s like having a supportive group within the team. He believes it will make playing together even more fun.

In conclusion, Marc Cucurella is delighted about his friends joining Chelsea. Having friends who speak the same language helps them become closer and talk easily, which helps them work better together. With such good friendships, they’re sure they can perform even better during games. It’s an exciting time for all three friends at Stamford Bridge.

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