Marcus Thuram Rejects Chelsea For the Second Time

Marcus Thuram

Marcus Thuram and Monchengladbach

Marcus Thuram rejects Chelsea . French reports suggest that the player is not interested in signing with the Blues.

The 25 year old has been linked with the Premier League for a while now . Several clubs have shown their interest in the young player . This started after Monchengladbach confirmed that Thuram would leave after his contract expires this summer .

His performance in the World Cup in Quatar was impressive . This led to Monchengladbach wanting to retain the player . However the player rejected the offers .

“It’s always been part of our path over the past few years to bring in such talented players, to develop them further – and at some point let them go because we can’t keep them forever,

It’s a shame that they won’t be extending their expiring contracts, because we’ve both given a lot in terms of sport over the past four years.

said the sporting director of Monchengladbach when asked about the player.

Thuram rejects Chelsea and their offers

Thuram rejects Chelsea for the second time . This is not the first time the young lad is rejecting an offer made by the blues .

Florian Pettenberg ,a journalist from Sky Sports reported that Chelsea made an offer to Thuram in January but the player chose to remain in Monchengladbach . Thuram has admitted that he wishes to play for Barcelona .It is not yet clear if it is just an interest or a contract is involved . Thuram said

“Every player has the dream of playing for Barca, that’s a reality,”

The Frenchman rejected the deal given by the blues . He further explained that he wishes to play for a club who would be a part of the Champions League the coming season .

This indicates that the spot still remains open and the blues would have to bring in someone to ace their performance .

It is rumoured that Romelu Lukaku would be brought back to Chelsea . Currently the player is playing for Inter Milan as a loanee from Chelsea for the Serie A title .

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