Mark Hughes assesses Arsenal’s title prospects with Gabriel Jesus as key


Former Premier League player and manager Mark Hughes recently shared his insights on Arsenal’s potential to clinch the Premier League title. He pointed out the potential impact of Gabriel Jesus as the Gunners’ key striker. While acknowledging Arsenal’s strong form, Hughes emphasized the significance of a prolific goal scorer. He suggested that Jesus’ goal-scoring prowess might determine the club’s fate in the title race.

Speaking on the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast, Mark Hughes highlighted a critical factor in Arsenal’s pursuit of the title. It was the absence of a striker capable of netting 20 to 25 goals per season. This is similar to what Manchester City boast with Erling Haaland. Hughes praised Jesus’ playing style and his importance in Arsenal’s attacking strategies, noting his contribution to the team’s playing patterns. However, Mark Hughes expressed doubts about whether Jesus, who typically scores around 10 to 15 goals a season, would be sufficient to make the pivotal difference in Arsenal’s title ambitions.

Mark Hughes shows confidence on Gabriel Jesus

Despite the absence of a high-scoring striker, Mark Hughes remained optimistic about Arsenal’s prospects. He believed that Jesus, with his ability to contribute around 15 goals per-season, could still lead Arsenal’s forward line effectively. He also highlighted Jesus’ previous success, having secured three league titles before joining Arsenal, as a testament to his winning mentality and experience at the top level.

Mark Hughes compared Arsenal’s situation with Manchester City’s triumph in the 2021/22 season without a highly prolific center-forward. He pointed out that Arsenal, currently leading the league table, have displayed exceptional form throughout the season. He emphasized that if their impressive performances are sustained, then it could culminate in their first league title since 2003-04.

Mark Hughes’ assessment underscores the pivotal role Gabriel Jesus could play in Arsenal’s title pursuit. Despite concerns about his goal-scoring output compared to elite strikers, Hughes remains optimistic about Jesus’ ability to spearhead Arsenal’s attack. As Arsenal aim to maintain their stellar form, Jesus’s performance and goal-scoring prowess could be instrumental in determining the club’s destiny in this highly competitive Premier League season.

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