Martin Odegaard forced the training gears to be re-designed


Martin Odegaard have been a key player for Arsenal this season. He has been a massive player for Arsenal’s title race this season. The player has even forced the training equipment makers to go through unplanned changes for the training gears. Martin Odegaard had been named as the captain of the Arsenal team this summer. Furthermore he had starred in Arsenal’s surprise title race chase. Arsenal are currently five points clear of Manchester City. Therefore the captain has been leading his team quite well. It also appears that he leads from the front at training as well. Martin Odegaard has even been seen as the superstar of the future due to his immense talent.

Martin Odegaard forced changes for a futuristic training equipment

The player was have shown his massive talent while playing for Arsenal. One of the element of Odegaard’s talent includes his vision. Martin Odegaard has an astonishing ability to scan the pitch quickly. Furthermore the makers of Be Your Best, a virtual reality software had invited him to test out their product. This software trains player’s vision which stimulates game experiences. It also logs in the number of times a player test their surroundings. The decision done while checking the surrounding is given as the result. However Martin Odegaard was left unhappy with the speed of the software and had requested for it to be increased. The company made the changes as per Odegaard’s request. Andreas Olsen, the executive chief of the company was grateful to the player for his assistance.

He admitted, “When he used it, one of the product development features added as a result was because he mentioned that he wanted to have a higher difficulty,” He further added, “He was very humble and respectful when doing the scenarios but instead of wanting it set at 100 per cent speed, he asked if he could do it at 120 per cent. Now we have a slider where you take the speed up or down based on the actual speed of the scenario.”

Martin Odegaard has enjoyed an amazing season with the Gunners. He have even ranked in Premier League‘s top 10 goals and assists. Furthermore the player also ranks fourth in the number of chances created by a player in the Premier League. The player have been immense for the Gunners this season. He is only expected to improve more with time.

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