Martin Odegaard lashes out at the reckless tackle made on him


Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard suffered a reckless tackle made on him. The Gunners fans were left sweating after watching the reckless tackle on their captain last night. Furthermore Martin Odegaard hammered a tackle by Rodri at the weekend. The midfielder have been an important player for the Arsenal team this season so far. Furthermore the player have been one of the main conductor in the Gunner’s team. Arsenal manager Arteta works with a small squad. Therefore an injury to that squad is a huge blow to the squad. Arsenal are currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table. They are 8 points clear of Manchester City who are currently in second position. The Gunners resume their domestic next week with their match against Leeds United. Martin Odegaard fumed at the referee’s unfair decision.

Martin Odegaard had fans worried after the reckless tackle

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard was left unimpressed with the reckless tackle that was made on him by Rodri. The Arsenal captain is currently on his international duty. He started in the in the match against Spain. However the Gunners fans were sweating after they witnessed their captain writhing on the floor with pain. The Spanish midfielder clashed with Martin Odegaard in the penalty area, catching Odegaard heavily on the ankle. The player was left baffled with the referee’s decision. The referee refused to award a penalty to the Norwegian team even after that reckless challenge. A lot of Arsenal fans showed their frustration regarding the tackle on social media. Furthermore they have even accused Rodri of trying to weaken the title contenders. However Odegaard recovered from the tackle but it is still not enough for the Gunners fans to quit worrying about the fitness concerns.

Arsenal are left with only 10 games in the Premier League. Therefore if they lose Martin Odegaard due to an injury, it will be a huge loss for the team. They will obviously treat every outing in the league as their final match. They will try their very best to win the Premier League this season.

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