Mauricio Pochettino Approves of Chelsea’s top Priority, Moises Caicedo

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Todd Boehly brings in Mauricio Pochettino

Todd Boehly is reconstructing his squad in order to take the blues to the top . He bid adieu to Graham Potter and hired the 51 year old Mauricio Pochettino . Mauricio Pochettino and Caicedo are heavily linked with Chelsea . The blues want to hire both of them .

Chelsea has not appointed Mauricio Pochettino officially yet . However he is playing a significant role in the recruitment of the players . The transfer window is a crucial period as it determines the future performance of the club.

Mauricio Pochettino and Caicedo

According to the recent reports Mauricio Pochettino would like to bring in players for his key positions . His three key positions include a new goalkeeper , central midfielder and striker . The challenge to bring down the number of players to a manageable team still remains .

The club’s top priority this summer still remains Brighton’s Moises Caicedo .

Pochettino has made it very clear that he wants a new six as priority . The most important position in his system is the double pivot . The decision makers and Pochettino have approved the decision to move Caicedo . Fabrizio Romano says

“ I always mention Moises Caicedo as a player appreciated by Chelsea. Caicedo could be an option for Chelsea in the next days.”

Brighton and Chelsea

Expectations indicate that Brighton will lose two key players, Mac Allister and Caicedo . Although nothing has been made official so far , clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea are chasing them .

Chelsea won’t back down and is desperate to make a deal with Caicedo . Philips mentions in talk Chelsea

“ And incidentally, yesterday, I was told by a top source that Chelsea have placed Caicedo as their No. 1 priority for midfield this summer. This has been approved by the decision-makers and Pochettino, Chelsea want Caicedo and will move for him very soon.”

It is still unclear whether Brighton will make Caicedo leave or offer him to remain .Brighton appreciates the player . They agree that the he deserves to play at another level. On the other hand Chelsea is yet to make official remarks on the recruitment of Mauricio Pochettino and Caicedo .

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