Mauricio Pochettino reveals Nkunku might have to wait for his first start

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Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea manager, has said that Christopher Nkunku won’t be starting in the next few games. He thinks Nkunku might need “weeks” to get fully ready before he can start playing from the first minute of each game.

Nkunku made everyone happy by coming off the bench and playing for the team on Tuesday night. It was his first time playing in an official match for the team. Everyone was hoping he might be in the starting lineup in the next few games. But, the manager said that might not happen just yet. He mentioned that everyone was excited to see Nkunku play because they know he’s really good and can help the team a lot.

However, the coach said that they need to be patient and give Nkunku enough time to be at his best. He’s not sure if the French striker will start playing right from the beginning of a game so soon. He thinks it’s too early to make him start. But he mentioned that in the upcoming games or weeks, they will think about letting him start the game.

Nkunku might make his first start against Luton

Even though we’ve waited for a while, we might have to wait a bit longer. It seems like Nkunku will mostly come off the bench regularly until he’s fully ready to start playing. So, we’ll still get to see him play, even if it’s not from the beginning of the games.

The game against Luton on December 30th is being considered a good chance for Nkunku to start playing from the beginning. That game might be the first time he gets to start, which is something fans are looking forward to. Overall, while we’ll have to wait a little longer, there’s hope and anticipation to see Nkunku become a regular player for the team.

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