Mauricio Pochettino’s New Assignment : Finding A New Eriksen

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Mason Mount’s transfer

Mason Mount’s contract with Chelsea  is  due to expire  this summer .  However no official notices about his extension have been specified .  The player  has been heavily linked with other clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal. On the other hand Pochettino has some interesting plans for Mason Mount if he decides to stay back in Chelsea . Seems like Pochettino’s New Assignment of finding a new Ericksen has already begun.

Mauricio Pochettino is set to move to Chelsea and has accepted the deal . Fabrizio Romano confirmed this on Twitter, even though no official notice has been made about this transfer. He says

“Pochettino has accepted all conditions of long term deal — it will be signed and completed soon after negotiation very advanced since April.”

Pochettino’s new assignment

Although it may seem too soon, Pochettino has started his duties as the new manager of the Blues . Pochettino is on the move to complete his new assignment. There are plenty of rumours which suggest that Pochettino has special plans for some of the players at The Stamford Bridge . Pochettino has found his new Dele Alli and Ericksen .

Reports by Simon Phillips suggest that Pochettino wants Mason mount as a part of his new squad with the Blues . He is also aware that Mount’s contract ends this summer and that he may leave the club . At the Tottenham stadium, the Argentine had Eriksen at his disposal . Eriksen’s technique, passing, and free kick ability are well-known . At Chelsea, Mason Mount is perfectly capable for taking on that role , in the 4-3-2-1 arrangement .

Although Mason Mount’s performance this season has dropped , he is still in the limelight .There are clubs vying for his attention.

The midfielders at Chelsea must be excited as well as prepared to take charge under Pochettino . Considering how he transformed players like Dele Alli ,Eriksen and Harry Kane . A wave of evolution is going to transform the team .

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