Max Verstappen called toxic for virtual Le Mans 24 Hours comments

Max Verstappen Ferrari

Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours commentator Ben Constanduros did not seem pleased with the comments made by Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen again came into controversy due to his heated nature. The Dutchman furiously called the hosts of the 24 Hours Virtual Le Mans hosts “clowns“.

Competing in the Virtual Le Mans, Max Verstappen got disconnected with six more hours to go for the race to finish. This made the 25-year-old furious he called the event a “clown show”. He also asked his fans to uninstall the software altogether.

Not all appreciated the comments made by Verstappen on his twitch stream.

Commentator Ben Constanduros took to Twitter to criticize Verstappen for “fueling toxicity”:

“If it’s a clown show, that makes me and my hard working dedicated friends, clowns. Usually after a 24hr race I am tired but today has been an ugly, exhausting display of the toxic side of Sim Racing and social media. I am proud of what the Le Mans Virtual Team has achieved.

“Both today and the incredible achievements from the first 2 events. (2022 ran without server issues remember. Yes it didn’t go Max’s way today, he was unlucky to be disconnected like a few other drivers. The rest carried on, one of which won GTE. That is racing.”

Constanduros added:

“But calling other humans out so strongly and feeding the community with negativity when in such a influential position was not wise and only fuels the toxicity in the community which only harms the Sim Racing world as whole.”

During the inaugural Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours, Verstappen again suffered a glitch to end his race in 2020.

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