Merson backs Chelsea against Manchester City despite Neville’s criticism


Pundit Paul Merson backs Chelsea against Manchester City this weekend as Gary Neville claims Pochettino’s side still have plenty of work.

Blues won a dramatic match against Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. Pochettino’s side will be high on confidence as this will be their toughest test.

City are currently eyeing the top spot of the Premier League table as Guardiola’s side thrashed Bournemouth F.C. 6:1 last weekend. They also won their European fixture against Young Boys yesterday.

Merson suggests Chelsea will be high on confidence and said :-

“If Chelsea get a draw that’s a good result.

“But it’s not a free hit. Playing in front of 38,000 at Stamford Bridge against the best team in the world, Chelsea fans turn up to win, not to make sure their team doesn’t get beaten by two or three.

“When you play for big football clubs you’re expected to go out and win or give it a go. Chelsea win trophies.

“Tottenham were going to have a go at Chelsea and that’s why I was bullish about them being able to get something. That plays into Chelsea’s hands. Man City will be the same. Chelsea will cause them problems, no doubt about it, but Man City will cause major problems at the same time.

“It’s a game Man City know they have to play well to win.”

Neville suggests Chelsea needs improve in this current campaign

Pundit Gary Neville suggests Chelsea needs to improve in this current campaign despite their convincing victory against Tottenham Hotspur.

While discussing the areas of concern, Neville said :-

“I’m not convinced it’s going to be a launch because I thought there were some things to worry about.

“In the first 20 minutes, when Tottenham had 11 players on the pitch, they got outplayed. They looked well off it.

“When Tottenham went to nine players, Chelsea looked clueless at times. I wouldn’t say it’s the catalyst for Chelsea’s season. I don’t think I’ve seen enough for that and they’ve got a significant amount of difficult fixtures coming up.

“It’s an extremely tough game. Manchester City are the best team in the world and Chelsea are punching up. They’re nowhere near that level. They’ve got to continue to measure themselves. Chelsea have got a fair way to go and everyone will know that.”

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