Michail Antonio shocked about no action taken for Reguilon’s slap to teammate Aaron Cresswell

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Michail Antonio was furious with Sergio Reguilon for slapping fellow West Ham teammate Aaron Cresswell. Antonio believes that the referee couldn’t make a call on that decision as he was distracted by the two fans who ran onto the pitch to tie themselves. The feud between the players was a result of Heung-Mim Son’s dramatic reaction to Kurt Zouma.

The French defender kicked the ball toward Son and the South Korean international went to the ground in a theatrical fashion. Sergio Reguilon was quick to react and came running to take action toward Zouma. However, he was stopped by Cresswell and Reguilon’s slap towards the West Ham left-back went unnoticed.

Antonio was complaining about how the referees could not take any action about the situation. The referees said that everything was checked but Antonio wasn’t convinced. The West Ham forward claims that Cresswell had a red mark on his face after that slap from Reguilon. He also believes that the referee was occupied with multiple things at one time which didn’t let him make a decision in that situation.

Heung-Min Son went down after he was hit with the ball which caused this reaction. Not only that but Sergio Reguilon also went to defend his teammate in the drama. Reguilon should consider himself to get booked for his slap to Cresswell. Moreover, Son did receive some backlash from the internet but faced no punishment from the FA whatsoever.

Why Antonio was frustrated for Cresswell and why the Spurs players should have been booked?

Son’s reaction to a ball hitting was a little over the board while Reguilon’s reaction was also unnecessary. West Ham United lost the game 3-1 to Tottenham Hotspur and the scoreline may have been different if the Spurs had gotten punished. There have been times when players are booked by the referees for their overreaction of contact or diving.

Son also could have gotten himself a yellow card for going down very easily. Whereas Reguilon could have received a red card after his aggressive action against Aaron Cresswell. The game could have been different if Spurs played the match with 10 men on the pitch. That was a very important match for both clubs since they are fighting for a top-four spot.

West Ham could see themselves out of the top-four race after this fixture and it could come down to Reguilon not getting punished. The Hammers have not played in the Champions League ever and their hopes could be dented now. Although West Ham did not play their best game that night, things may have changed if one decision was given by the referee.

The Football Association and referees can also check if there was an overreaction by the player or even a dive. The referees could see this with the help of VAR and should then decide whether that should be penalized or not. There have been many occasions when the players who dive have gotten decisions their way causing the other player to get punished even without a mistake.

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