Mike Krack opens up on his expectations from Fernando Alonso

Mike Krack Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso joins Mike Krack switching sides to the Aston Martin F1 team for the 2023 season.

Fernando Alonso will be replacing Sebastian Vettel for the 2023 season in Aston Martin. The Spaniard left his last team Alpine after the duo seemingly failed to reach a common ground for their future.

The team has repetitively failed to deliver in the last two seasons. However, with Alonso on board, the team is expected to deliver better in the future.

Regardless, team principal Mike Krack is looking forward to working with Fernando Alonso:

“Only good things,”

Krack said.

 “When you are in a team for so many years, you hear stories, but I like to live my own experience and so far I have only had good relationships with the drivers based on transparency and honesty.”

“Even if they are not comfortable, it is important to do so with every employee. I don’t expect any problems with Fernando as long as we give him a fast car and are transparent.”

“It’s something we have to avoid. But even when we signed Fernando we didn’t use big phrases either,”

Krack added.

“We never said we are going to win, we never said we are going to be World Champions. We are trying to progress, we want to be there in a couple of years. But we never said we are going to win by having Fernando.”

“We have to give him the right tools to win. I would be surprised if people perceive us as a team that only talks about winning, because we don’t do that.”

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