Mikel Arteta under criticism for illicit behaviour at touch line

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is under lot of scrutiny for his behaviour during the game as the Spaniard admits he is trying to change.

Arteta admits that he’s trying to change his controversial behaviour during matches. He has been known for his antics both onn and off the field.

However, some supporters claim that Arteta has changed Arsenal’s mentality in last couple of campaigns. He has taken Gunners from a mid-table club to title contenders in a space of just three years.

Jamie Carragher said in August that Arteta’s intense approach may have been reason in Arsenal’s title slip last season. He said :-

“I noticed in the Community Shield – and something stuck with me – and I said that I felt like I was watching Arsenal in the run in and it’s only the start of the season with the celebrations, or it feels like every game is going to the wire.

“I remember Arteta on the touchline after about 20 minutes, he was like a lunatic to the referee because he hadn’t booked a City player. And there’s a big rivalry, but I almost thought that it was too intense for the stage. You’ve got another 10 months of this!”

Mikel Arteta is not happy with these criticisms lately

Mikel Arteta is not at all happy with these criticisms for his illicit behaviour at three touch line. He said :-

“You can always do better in life innit.

“Sometimes when I look at myself and I’m so agitated I think it can sometimes give an image that is not the best, mainly for the club

“Sometimes it’s difficult with the certain decision when you are in the heat, because you are representing the club and you want to defend them.

“That’s what drives me. It’s to defend the players to defend the club. Nothing else. It’s not about me. You are there to be on it and make sure that we are the best we can be and the most competitive we possibly can be. That’s the drive, nothing else.”

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