Moeen Ali won’t run out a non-striker end’s batter unless he is angry


Deepti Sharma running Charlotte Dean out has taken the toll in the air over the past weekend. The Lords witnessed Deepti dropping the bells off from in the non-striker end, thus confirming the win against England. The type of dismissal previously knowns as “Mankad” has recently taken its place to ‘Run Out’ from ‘Unfair Play’. The Marylebone Cricket Club gave this verdict and the International Cricket Council legitimized it. However, many English cricketers found it extremely controversial and unsporting. England’s leading all-rounder Moeen Ali also supported the view.

Moeen said that running out a batter at the non-striker’s end needs no real hard work. He would hardly do it to anyone unless he was “really angry with that batter.

According to Telegraph, Moeen said,

“No it’s not my thing. I don’t think I’ll ever do it unless I was really angry with someone. It’s in the laws and there’s nothing illegal so people that do it have the right, but I just hope it doesn’t become a common thing, or something that’s regularly done.”

“You’re not really working to get a wicket. At least with a run-out, there’s a bit of work that has to be done, and with all the other dismissals. This is just waiting for the guy and taking the bails off. Even when I played cricket as a kid in the garden, it’s not my thing to do.”

Moeen Ali suggested an alternative for Mankad

Moeen moreover voted to ban this type of dismissal. However, Moeen has got one alternative for Mankad too. He said,

“You should be in your crease anyway, to be fair, but it’s a difficult one. You don’t really look at the bowlers. You feel like they’re there and they’re going to bowl, but if they’re stopping, your momentum can take you out of your crease.”

Moeen added,

“I actually just think they should get rid of them. We were discussing this the other day, how would you do it, because guys would then (pinch ground) but there should be a line where you can’t go past and you know how the umpires look for the no-balls, they could potentially do the same for that and say, right, he’s got one more, if he does it again, he’s gone.”

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