Mourinho Interested In Signing Wan-Bissaka

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Jose Mourinho has won his fifth Uefa final and this time it’s with the mighty Giallorossi’s finishing their trophy drought. While Roma proved a point by their superb performance on the European stage in Seria A they ain’t that good. Finishing 6th the Giallorossi’s need some significant reinforcement in their team, especially the defence.

Seria A has been a haven for players who couldn’t live up to the expectations of the premier league. The likes of Ashley Young, Romelu Lukaku, and Alexis Sanchez are perfect examples of the above.

Playing for Seria A sides have brought their career right back on the track. One very contrasting example is Chris Smalling who has been monumental for Mourinho and AS Roma’s progress in the conference league.

One position where Mourinho would like to reinforce is the right back. A strong competitor for Rick Karsdorp is important as Roma is out of depth in RB. One player that stands out is Aaron Wan-Bissaka who has impressed Man Utd and is known for pocketing Sterling. 

However, since last season, he has been on a terrible run of form with high chances of burnout. Wan-Bissaka would cost € 30million (£25.5m) for Mourinho to look after his defensive woes.

The Mourinho Call

The call by Mourinho for Wan-Bissaka is the perfect move for him because a player of that potential just can’t warm up the bench. After the departure of Solskjaer, Wan-Bissaka was just a shadow of his former self. Things became worse when Dalot replaced him in the first 11 for the rest of the season. 

Rangnick preferred Dalot mostly because of his attacking attributes and high pressing game style. Dalot averaged 2.2 tackles &1.2 interceptions while achieving 80% passing accuracy. Dalot’s progressive passing and ability to pull early crosses into the D may give him the edge under Ten Hag

The high pressing game proved to be terrible for Man Utd accompanied by some shameful losses and a poor finish of the season.

Seria A’s pace isn’t that much as compared with the premier league. Mourinho could offer Wan-Bissaka a chance to gain his form back and some much-needed time. Seria A is known for being tactical and less intense which in other words is a perfect fit for Wan-Bissaka.

Wan-Bissaka is known for his strong defensive attributes and without a shadow of a doubt the best tackler in the premier league. Averaging an impressive 2.5 tackles & 1.7 interceptions per game is very impressive but for a larger part has been unable to provide much attacking sense accompanied by flawed distribution. 

Chris Smalling is a live example of how career revival under Mourinho at Roma. Smalling despite his age is still considered an important figure in AS Roma’s squad.

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