Nemanja Matic compares training ground culture of Chelsea and Man Utd

Former Chelsea and Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic has shed light on a stark difference in the training ground culture between the two clubs. In a recent interview, Nemanja Matic highlighted the contrasting professionalism and punctuality among players during his stints at both clubs. He indicated a notable disparity that might have impacted performance.

At Chelsea, where Matic enjoyed successful seasons and earned numerous accolades, he emphasized the professional conduct and punctuality of players. He noted that the Chelsea squad maintained high standards, always arriving on time for training sessions. So, this reflected a disciplined approach that contributed to their success on the field.

However, upon his move to Manchester United, Nemanja Matic encountered a different scenario. He expressed disappointment in the lack of punctuality among certain players. He disclosed that tardiness was a frequent issue at Old Trafford. Also, Matic specifically mentioned Jadon Sancho and Paul Pogba, among others, as consistent latecomers, leading to frustration among the other punctual players.

Nemanja Matic formed a disciplinary committee at Man Utd

In response to this lax attitude towards punctuality, Nemanja Matic took initiative and established an internal disciplinary committee. Further, as the president of this committee, he implemented a system where he documented late arrivals on a public board, resulting in fines for those who consistently failed to meet the punctuality standards. This method accrued substantial fines, reaching around £75,000 during one particular season. Therefore, this indicated the seriousness with which Matic and his teammates viewed this issue.

The revelation made by Nemanja Matic highlights a fundamental difference in the training ground ethos between the two clubs, raising questions about the impact of discipline and professionalism on team performance.

Nemanja Matic’s account unveils the formation of an internal disciplinary committee at Manchester United, signaling the extent of the issue regarding player punctuality and the measures taken to address it. This committee, led by Matic, aimed to uphold standards and instill a sense of accountability within the squad. Nemanja Matic’s insights serve as a reminder of the significance of a disciplined and professional approach in football.

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