Neville gave his verdict on Chelsea’s controversial victory against Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur

Pundit Gary Neville gave his verdict on Chelsea’s controversial victory against Tottenham Hotspur as it was a crazy match at North-London.

Neville suggests the fact that two of Tottenham’s defenders should have been sent off in first-half against Chelsea. Christian Romero was shown a red card after a crazy opening 30 minutes.

Tottenham were dominant in the first 15 minutes as they took the early lead from a deflected strike from Dejan Kulusevski. However, Son Heung-Min doubled the lead was later ruled out due to offside.

One of the controversial weekend in the Premier League lately due to improper refereeing and VAR issues. Gary Neville criticised the match officials as Destiny Udogie was not sent off for qa two-footed tackle on Raheem Sterling.

Neville discussed the incident and said :-

“He gets the ball, but let’s have a look at it from here.

“That’s the one that the footballers and professionals hate. You don’t do that. That tackle was about 15-20 years ago and I think that is the classic red card.

“I think he may get away with it because of the fact he gets the ball, but that’s a shocker that – you don’t do that anymore, or ever did because you knew you were going to be in trouble. Raheem Sterling sees him coming and just pulls his leg away, but he’s a lucky boy. That is a challenge that is universally hated.”

Neville calls Romero “lucky” despite sending off

Gary Neville calls Christian Romero “lucky” despite the Argentine international shown red card in the first-half. He said :-

“But I do think Romero is in trouble at the other end. They might lose the goal, but Spurs might lose the man. Yeah, he’s in trouble. If he had the whereabouts which I know is difficult to square it across he’d have got away with it, but because he scores the goal.

“The Spurs fans are cheering, but they won’t be cheering in a minute or so. We’ll see what happens now with Romero. Udogie should be off, that is an absolute fact, that’s 100 per cent.

“I think Romero is a lucky boy because when you normally do that and just kick out at someone without anyone being near you, you ordinarily go off. It reminds me exactly of David Beckham – maybe we can get VAR to overturn that one.”

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