Neville predicts Tottenham’s title race as Postecoglou remains positive

Tottenham Hotspur

Pundit Garry Neville predicts Tottenham Hotspur’s title race for this current campaign as manager Ange Postecoglou still remains positive.

Spurs are currently five points clear at the top of Premier League Table after winning their clash Crystal Palace on Friday. Heung-Min-Son scored the decisive goal for the away the team.

It’s been there most brightest start to their top-flight campaign in last 34 years. Tottenham are currently the most entertaining side in the Premier League right now.

Under Ange Postecoglou, Spurs have looked as strong as Manchester City and Arsenal in this current campaign. But Neville suggests they’ll lose their form as the season goes on.

While speaking on the Sky Sports, Neville said :-

“I don’t think they are [title contenders], honestly. I don’t think they are.

“But I think that this is something that’ll settle down in the next few months but if for some reason the rest of the teams aren’t quite there and Tottenham obviously aren’t in other competitions.

“They’re not in Europe, not in the Carabao Cup, they have free weeks so if they can keep their players.

“The one thing I will add about January is that if they’re in contention in January and they’re up there then why wouldn’t they boost the squad slightly to have a go at it?

“If City aren’t quite there and Arsenal slip up, then why wouldn’t you have a little got?

“I don’t think Tottenham are a good enough squad or a good enough team to win the league, but what they’re doing at this moment in time is surpassing all expectations of where we thought they would be.

“He [Ange Postecoglou] is doing a great job for them.”

Postecoglou remains positive after Neville’s verdict

Manager Ange Postecoglou remains positive after Neville’s verdict. The gaffer had a different take on it and said :-

“Let them dream, that’s what being a football supporter is all about.

“It’s fair to say this lot have suffered a lot so I’m not going to dampen that.”

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