New Champions League rules might help Liverpool and other big clubs in the Premier League

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Several clubs including Liverpool have proposed new Champions League reforms. These reforms include qualification for the Champions League based on coefficient ranking over the past five seasons, according to The Guardian. This would mean that clubs that do not finish in the Champions League spot of their domestic league will still have a chance to be in the Champions League.

The Champions League will have 36 teams instead of 32 teams who will be competing in a league stage format, eventually increasing the number of games in a season. This will in turn bring more revenue which was the main motive of the Super League. The report also mentions that the European Club Association has proposed UEFA to allow qualification for two clubs based on their coefficient of the past five seasons.

Liverpool were on the verge of not playing the Champions League this season. However, the Reds somehow finished third in the ending stages of the league. Due to increased competition, the big clubs have now started finishing out the Champions League spot. This sometimes reduces the watching of the Champions League as supporters do not watch the games when their club is not playing.

All the clubs were slammed for their idea of starting a European Super League. The clubs had to withdraw from that plan within just 48 hours. Fans did not like this idea because it did not have plans for any of the small clubs and would have become poorer. Moreover, this proposal is also inclined towards a similar result as it will mostly favor the big clubs.

Why the new Champions League reforms will benefit big clubs like Liverpool?

A proposal to qualify two clubs based on their coefficient in the past five years has been made. Clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur are not league title challengers anymore. They mostly finished within the 4th place to the 6th place. Moreover, these big clubs mostly have a better coefficient ranking than the other clubs.

Supposing it was a question between Manchester United and Leicester City, United have played more in Europe in recent years. Consequently, they are likely to qualify ahead of Leicester City. Moreover, more game time in Europe will also provide them with more revenue and more investment for next year. This will only make the strong teams stronger and the weak teams weaker.

UEFA has to figure out a way to somehow give a fair chance to the smaller clubs also. They have to find a way that also does not specifically help the big clubs. The only way to achieve that is through direct qualification. However, there is no telling what will the UEFA’s decision over the proposal will be. It does not seem reasonable for clubs to play in the UCL who couldn’t qualify through direct qualification.

The proposal is set to be discussed in the General Assembly of UEFA taking place in Vienna this week. The proposal does have a hint of the Super League and UEFA could face some backlash if they approve of this new reform. Therefore, UEFA will either have to reject the proposal or find another way that allows qualifying more clubs by fair means.

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