New developments with Ansu Fati as Arsenal rivals Tottenham offer

Ansu Fati

In recent developments, Arsenal may be claiming Ansu Fati before Tottenham Hotspurs, as both are on equal footing. The player was the target of multiple clubs, including Atlético de Madrid, the Spurs, the Gunners, and Liverpool. However the player will most likely join one of two clubs.

Barcelona demands an asking price of no less than £77 million, deterring Atlético de Madrid from the deal. Additionally, Liverpool has no place for the 20 year old until it sorts Mohamed Salah’s situation. Thus the clubs with the most initiative are Tottenham and Arsenal.

Still, £77 million is a too large of a sum even for such a remarkable unit. As such, both clubs are opting for a loan deal instead.

It is unfortunate to see Barcelona releasing the young man. The player has the talent and potential but his injuries halted most of his progress. However the man still has the chance to play in the big leagues.

Ansu Fati between Arsenal and Tottenham

The player has expressed his desire to stay at Barcelona. But, should the need occur, the man prefers to join a “high quality club”. And with both clubs offering him the chance to play at the Premier league, the player’s choice is hard one to make.

Arsenal are currently in the midst of releasing several frontline players such as Nicolas Jackson and Rob Holding. And yet, despite their sufficient depth, the Gunners are quite adamant on making the addition.

Although this may lead the player into the exact fate the previously mentioned players met. As the overabundance of options lead both to be left off the pitch, and banished into a training team. However, a striker this young, and with this much talent and potential, will hopefully not go to waste.

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