Newcastle are willing to loan the Chelsea defender Marc Cucurella

Newcastle United

About a month ago, sources confirmed Newcastle might loan Marc Cucurella from the Chelsea roster. However only recently have they committed to making the addition.

The sources claim the Magpies were aiming to strengthen their defence this transfer window, and make a singular, worthwhile addition.

Kieran Tierney and Marc Cucurella were the two main targets of the club. However, due to the tension between Arsenal and Newcastle, the club ignored Tierney. Thus the only available candidate, and future team member, was Cucurella. Despite this, the club ran into unexpected complications.

Due to the Financial Fair Play Rules, the club’s budget proved too tight to reach their goal. Mainly due to Chelsea insisting on a loan deal that may prove too expensive. the Blues‘ are willing to part with the player for a time for no less than £175,000-a-week, an impossibility at the time.

Chelsea itself is not faring too well when it comes to defence. As Wesley Fofana’s recent injury has made the club searching for a new player just as the transfer window reaches its end. And while the club is making advancements on Marc Guehi, the issue still remains.

Still, the £60 million Cucurella did not impress the club nor did he play in their latest game. Thus it is best to send the player away while a chance is available, which Chelsea is attempting to do.

Newcastle now has the option to loan Cucurella from Chelsea

With FFP restriction no longer being as problematic, and with Chelsea’s announcement of Cucurella’s availability, the Magpies’ are willing to pay the player’s price.

However, Cucurella is not Newcastle’s only option, and with Manchester United thirsting for the player as well, it is worth thinking if there are better, more easier options out there.

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