Newcastle United selling players due to FFP rules

Newcastle United

The new profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) in Premier League have capped how much money clubs can spend over the last decade “are set to be scrapped” at the start of the 2025-26 season. Also they are “replaced with a similar ‘squad cost control’ rule to the one UEFA adopted in 2022. This have become a problem for Newcastle United. As this will result in Newcastle United selling one more player to avoid breaking PSR rules. The deadline for this will be 30 June 2024.

According to Chris Waugh from Athletic:

While not being privy to the exact calculations as of May 13 (where Newcastle stand regarding the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) is ever-changing, given the myriad levels of expenditure and income which contribute towards them), the club have been close to their limit, which is why they could only sign players in January if they offloaded someone first.

There are expected to be further sponsorship deals announced before the end of June, while if a fee is belatedly agreed with Manchester United for Dan Ashworth, the outgoing sporting director, that would also help.

Newcastle may look to sell someone before June 30, but the noises suggest they are not desperately required to do so in the same way as Nottingham Forest, Chelsea or Aston Villa perhaps appear to need to. Should an enticing offer arrive for a fringe player, however, Newcastle would have to at least consider it.

Newcastle United selling players can bring consequences

Newcastle United already are suffering from numerous problems this season. Sandro Tonali faced ban for almost eight months and most of the key players in the squad faced injury crisis. The downfall in Newcastle’s season was immeasurable. However they somehow are in contention to qualify for Europe next season. Hopefully Newcastle can bounce back better than before next season.

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