Nick Kyrgios in a fuming locker room exchange with the umpire

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios had a fuming exchange with a chair umpire in the locker room. The Aussies’s Wimbledon season was extremely eventful. He reached his maiden Grand Slam final, kept on-field umpires busy, and entertained the audience to the fullest.

The event that happened in the locker room was brought up by Stefanos Tsitsipas’s mentor, Patrick Mouratoglou. This happened after Kyrgios successfully defeated Tsitsipas by 6-7,6-4,6-3,7-6. Tsitsipas was completely annoyed by Kyrgios’s behavior in the court. In this anger, the greek player smashed the ball which narrowly missed a spectator.

The Australian wanted his opponent to pay for his actions. He was constantly talking to the chair umpire about this throughout the rest of the match. Thereafter, Mouratoglou revealed what was Aussie’s reaction after the match was over.

The french mentor said on his Youtube Channel :

“When he played against Stefanos, he thought that Stefanos should default because he hit the ball into the crowd. He spoke about it almost the whole match, and he probably played the best match of his career.”

“The next morning I was in the locker room and Nick was still talking about it with another chair umpire or whatever shouting and still into it. He needs it. It brings the fire in himself that he needs to play his best.”

he further added.

Kyrgios has had the best season of his tennis career

Nick Kyrgios played the most sincere tennis of his entire career. He became the Wimbledon crowd’s favorite entertainer and we definitely know why. The player was a joy to watch for all the tennis fans. No one expected this unseeded player to reach the Final of Wimbledon.

But Kyrgios made it to his first singles grand slam final. The family was happy to see the Aussie reaching new heights in his tennis career. He had to face a defeat in the final by the GOAT Novak Djokovic who eventually lifted his 21st Grand Slam title. Following this, he made the Serbian call the love between the two players an ‘Official Bromance’.

Meanwhile, the french mentor was critical of Kyrgios’s performance in the final. He claimed that the player was effective and focused in the first round, where he defeated Novak by 6-4. But the lack of concentration eventually lead him to lose the following three rounds by 3-6,4-6,6-7.

Secondly, the player looked more engaged in talking to his box mates and less focused on his opponent in the final. But despite all the comments made by Mouratoglou, the player was clinical in his performance throughout the tournament and received applauses from the English crowd for his performances.

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