Nikhil Chopra shocked by crowd trouble after Pak-Afghan clash

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Fareed Malik and Asif Ali got involved in a verbal spat. That was something. However, what it led to the stand, wasn’t expected, nor granted. Both Pakistani and Afghanistan fans were throwing chairs at each other after the match. The ultimate chaos in the gallery left the cricket fraternity stunned. Former cricketers Nikhil Chopra and Vijay Dahiya spoke about it ahead of the last fixture of this Asia Cup.

Nikhil Chopra said that he was totally shocked out of disbelief seeing the fans going wild. There is no harm in the adrenaline rush among supporters. He moreover, said that being passionate is normal for the fans. But physical alterations are not something entertaining. It does nothing but build a negative atmosphere.

At ‘BatBricks7 presents Run Ki Runneeti’ on CricTracker, Nikhil Chopra said,

“I was shocked and a little surprised that these types of things happening and getting exaggerated in cricket. You often see in football, where fans are fighting in the Premier League matches,”

He moreover added,

“On the flip side, not only the players are passionate for their teams, but fans as well. But they should not translate their energies to negativity and exhibit their anger.”

Vijay Dahiya along with Nikhil Chopra expressed frustration

The rivalry between Pakistan and Afghanistan really went out of control. It is just on the field, but off the field too. Vijay Dahiya stated, that it will leave a bad taste in the game of cricket.

He moreover went on to say that Pakistan-Afghanistan is not as similar to those of India-Pakistan or England-Australia. Things still escalated. The 49-year-old however hoped that the cricket fraternity will fortunately not experience any such clashes in the coming future.

Vijay Dahia also said,

“Afghanistan is an emerging team, and there are a lot of supporters for them. Everyone thinks of them as an underdog and hope for their victory. Those fans will also not like these types of things happening with the team.”

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