Noel Gallagher has made an exciting prediction for the Arsenal team

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Noel Gallagher has claimed Arsenal can become the next Manchester City. However, he has said that they need to keep the good form going.

He has also said that he was not surprised by the success of Mikel Arteta. It is because Arteta was trained by one of the best managers in the world.


Arsenal appointed Unai Emery after the retirement of Arsene Wenger from management. Many thought it was the start of a new era for the club. However, nothing went their way under the management of Unai Emery. The players that were happy under Wenger had fallouts with the new manager. Gunners owners were also not happy with the transfer targets of Unai Emery.

Hence, Unai Emery was also not happy with the situation. Arsenal fans were also not happy with the playing style under the Spanish. Therefore, the club decided to sack Unai Emery in the middle of the second season. Hence, the owners appointed Mikel Arteta as their new manager. Mikel signed from Manchester City. He worked as an Assistant manager under Pep Guardiola.


Mikel Arteta immediately started selling players that were not in his plans. He also decided to again start playing attacking football. However, in his initial days, the players made certain mistakes. Although, they adjusted to his style in just a few months. The team started playing with more direction and intensity. However, they missed on finishing in the top four of the Premier League.

Although, they have started brilliantly this season. Arsenal are currently at the top of the Premier League. However, famous singer & Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher is not at all surprised. He said,

“He’s been taught off the best. It isn’t any wonder. Arsenal will become like City if they run the club right.”

This is a prediction that will surely excite the Gunners fans.

However, only time will tell whether Arsenal will keep on winning matches this season. Many of the players are in this situation for the first time. Although, the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko have already dealt well with the situation for Manchester City.

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