Nottingham Forest beat Chelsea whose main flaw became apparent

Antonio Nusa

With the club’s most recent loss against Nottingham Forest, many fans are furious of the Blues performance, including Chelsea players.

Chelsea was in a tight spot long before the match, as they only scored three goals this Premier league season. And now their latest performance has made it clear that the fans were right to fear what the future holds.

Forest breached The Blues’ net three minutes into the second half, and despite their best efforts, Chelsea failed to equalize. The team had more than enough chances to win back the game, chances they sadly failed to make use of.

For a while now, the fans feared that having an overabundance of new players may disrupt the team’s overall chemistry. But the issue at hand seems far worse, players with remarkable feats with other clubs seemingly can’t score for Chelsea.

As ridiculous as that sounds, the newcomers are certainly not delivering the same focus and aggression as before their arrival.

How Chelsea can recover after the unfortunate Nottingham Forest loss

Chelsea currently stands in the 12th position this season, which happens to be its exact placement last season as well. Ben Chilwell, one the players, spoke of the issue plaguing the current team and how to go about fixing it.

“We are moving in the right direction, every game we have controlled possession and the majority of matches we have played. We need to finish chances, be more ruthless and stay composed to get back into games. That’s the final bit, finishing our chances.” Stated Chilwell at a post-match interview.

Indeed, the team did have any trouble acquiring the ball nor maintaining possession, but struggled to make the final step. In fact, the club managed to score only four goal out of 92 attempts, showing how severe the matter is.

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