Novak Djokovic and the Covid-19 vaccine dilemma

Novak Djokovic

The 21-time grand slam champion, Novak Djokovic could face a possible restriction from playing in several tournaments due to his unvaccinated status.

Djokovic has always denied taking a Covid-19 vaccine even if it’s subject to his entry in a Grand Slam. After the Australian Open drama, it looked like there was a possibility of him convincing himself for the vaccine drive.

There are uncertain times ahead for Djokovic since he hasn’t taken the vaccine. And since Canada and America are not allowing unvaccinated individuals into the country. Unless an individual qualifies for a special exemption, he/she is not allowed to enter into the country.

Earlier this year, the player took special visa permissions to enter Australia but the higher authorities denied him entry inside the country. After the incident, the former World No.1 had to go through a legal battle against the government. The player later won the legal battle which allowed the authorities to deport the Serbian to his native country.

Following his win in the Wimbledon, Championships, the player said,

“I’m not vaccinated and neither i’m planning to take one. So the only good news I can have is them removing the mandated green vaccine card or whatever you call it to enter United States or exemption.”

I don’t know. I don’t think exemption is realistically possible. If that is a possibility, I don’t know what exemption would be about.”

Novak further added.

Djokovic could face a possible restriction from the National Bank Open

The Canadian Masters Open or the National Bank Open is set to start from 5th August 2022.

The Canadian ATP 1000 event could see a major absentee since the country’s not allowing unvaccinated people. In a recent press conference, the tournament’s director Eugene Lapierre said,

“The chances of the Serbian playing are slim unless there is a sudden change in the rules which he believes is ‘unrealistic. Either the Canadian government is going to change the rules regarding vaccination or he is going to roll up his sleeves and get the vaccine. But I don’t think any of those scenarios are realistic.” 

The Candian Government’s stance on giving Djokovic a special exemption is clear. They won’t bend any rules for the player. Since the pandemic is not over yet hence, no special status allows any individual to enter the country.

Novak Djokovic has already won the National bank Open 4-times. Also, these tournaments before the final Grand Slam of the season is a must-practice event. The US Authorities are hopeful to see the player participate in the US Open, but that is most likely impossible since both parties are in no mood to deviate from the decisions.

It’s very obvious that Djokovic would be willing to participate in the tournaments ahead but for that, it’s important to take a vaccine.

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