Oleksander Zinchenko criticised by pundit Jamie Carragher

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Oleksander Zinchenko criticised by English pundit Jamie Carragher. He criticised Zinchenko for his performance vs Liverpool at Anfield. Zinchenko played a big part in the equalizer. He was nutmegged by Trent Alexander Arnold which led to a goal. Being a left sided defender he should have done better. However, he should not have let Trent pass him that easily.

Jamie Carragher criticised Oleksander Zinchenko over his performance

A point at Anfield is always as good result. But when you are 2-0 up you should have done better. Liverpool were all over Arsenal in the 2nd half. Arsenal players had an off day in the second half. Oleksander Zinchenko was one of them. Carragher had a go at the Ukraninan. Evethough, he was good all season he should have stepped up when Arsenal needed him the most.

Jamie Carragher went on to say;

“We’ve raved about Zinchenko this season and he was brilliant today until Liverpool got the equaliser.”

“He’s brilliant on the ball but lets them down defensively at the last minute. If Arsenal go back to being a team fighting for the top four, that will be exposed a lot more. It happened in the first game of the season at Crystal Palace where Mikel Arteta brought Tierney on for Zinchenko and it happened again today because he’s not trusted 100 per cent defensively.”

“I can’t get Zinchenko out of my head. You need to be more aggressive – the league title is on the line! That can’t happen. It’s almost like he’s in training, there’s got to be more intensity from him.”

Although Zinchenko is not good defensively he can play the inverted left back role brilliantly. No one in this Arsenal squad can do it better than Zinchenko. Arteta prefers someone one who plays that inverted role well and that’s why he plays Zinchenko over Tierney most of the time.

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